Pirate Data Methodology: Principle BREAK SHIT

Why were pirates badasses? They didn’t seek the stupid rules out just to find them, they BROKE THEM. They didn’t just reject the norm, they reinvented it and accomplished it with a style, as we all should. They didn’t just tell the story, they created it, lived it, and improved on it. Pirates didn’t just challenge the status-quo, they changed Every. Fucking. Thing.

The world is developed on a driving force of fix me, make me rich, solve my problems. It’s driven to grow in size, monetary gain or just for kicks. Pirates were similar. They grew-when needed, they made money when needed,and rebelled when needed. So pirates harness the team when needed, and not just their self-interest. When the world revealed a rule that was unfair, they broke it, and made it clear that the only option was for fair and equal treatment…

The Pirate Data Methodology follows an innovative process of tenaciously seeking accurate data, establishing dominate rights of capture and measurables that show the impact to the world, thus transforming the rules and capturing the assets and making sure that if it’s not right, it doesn’t happen again.

Simply Put

  • Why did/do you do that?
  • That’s not really bright let’s fix it!
  • We did that and it worked!
  • How well-How Much-Smile Factor assessment.
  • Drink Beer (or tea) with the owner.

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