The Growing Importance of Automation Services

The Automation Services RadarView extension provides users with a comprehensive view of the existing RPA and artificial intelligence technologies that are deployed in the enterprise. The Radar View tool supports both, the legacy ERP and the new enterprise software architecture (ESA) systems. The Radar view also offers insights into the future direction of these technologies. The Artificial Intelligence capability of these tools helps organizations adapt to the changing market trends and boost their competitive edge.

The artificial intelligence capabilities extend well beyond the capabilities of traditional database management systems. They extend into the areas of manufacturing, infrastructure, health care and financial services. The impressive capabilities of these systems to provide real-time information for decision making in all business processes such as scheduling, sales, inventory, customer support, human resources, procurement, distribution and project management. The impressive emerging technologies include the following:

RPA/RPO: Real time analytics for enterprise-wide business processes such as customer care, manufacturing, supply chain management, manufacturing inventory management, human resource management etc. are provided by the sophisticated RPA/RPO artificial intelligence software programs which can be used for all types of operational, analytical and planning functions. The capabilities include supervisory control, real-time data flow, complex decision making, exploration, optimization and deployment of complex algorithms and code generators. This allows complete customization of complex business process applications (BPA), rich web services, and rich content applications. The Machine Learning capability of these programs enables them to learn from past mistakes, anticipate customer requirements, and proactively deliver services and products. The Machine Learning capabilities of these programs help organizations to reduce cost, improve productivity, boost profit margins, ensure quality and reliability of the overall business, and to gain an edge over their competitors.

CPA: This is another form of intelligent automation system that uses artificial intelligence for controlling and monitoring industrial products, processes, and networks. It provides complete solutions for automotive, food processing, and chemical processing industries. It is an open-ended software program that provides a user friendly and expandable integration and extensibility platform. The program has an easy to use user interface, flexible modularity, high level of parallelism, and robustness, performance, and scalability for mission-critical applications.

Robotic Process Automation: It is one of the emerging forms of intelligent automation that aims at highly flexible, reusable systems for accomplishing repetitive tasks with minimal human involvement. The process automation greatly reduces the total cost of production, which helps to achieve efficiency and accuracy. The programs enable the automation of all processes such as inventory, material and labor management, production planning, and process measurement, and manufacturing process. It is very helpful in processes that do not have a human interaction, such as automated asset gathering, production planning, and distribution.

The intelligent robotic process automation systems are designed to coordinate and integrate with the activities of all the components of any manufacturing or production process. It integrates all the tasks and systems into a common data platform and then generates results using an intelligent programming language. With intelligent process automation, the system identifies the most appropriate tasks to be performed, which is usually determined by the kind of material used in the manufacturing process, and can thus reduce operation time by almost a third.

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